So it’s probably obvious to anyone that pays attention to this blog that I have fallen off the wagon so to speak when it comes to my photography. I guess last year with planning the wedding and just being generally busy with an occasionally stressful life, I allowed it to fall to the side. So I’ve looked around for some inspiration, some things to kick-start my creativity and get me back into action doing what I love. So first I bought myself a SWEET camera bag from http://www.jototes.com. I was looking for something that looks more like a purse that I can carry with me everywhere instead of my ugly old black back pack style bag. I can now slip my camera into my purse and have it be protected, and I still look stylish. If you’d like to see the bag I bought its the Betsy bag in mustard on their website. I love, love, love it! I now have no excuse to leave my house without my camera. So now that I have the gear sorted out, I decided I needed to give myself a project to work on, and after googling and flickring for inspiration I decided on the 50/50 project. Several photographers and photography groups that I found on-line have done this in the past so I’m not being very original, but I really like the idea. You take your 50mm lens and you take 50 pictures in 50 days with it. My absolute favourite lens is my Minolta 50mm f1.7, which I purchased second-hand a few years ago so I think that this project is a great start for me.  I only started it yesterday, so at this point I don’t have anything to share on here with it, but I will this weekend! In the meantime here are a couple quick shots I took a week ago on a trip to Green Lake with some friends.


Empty bottles at my friends cabin.


The Alexandra Bridge near Hope.



Alexandra Bridge near Hope



Lazy Photographer


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I am a creative girl, striving for more ways to express that.
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2 Responses to 50/50

  1. Nicky says:

    I love your photos, they are always beautiful! 🙂

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