A little more Mexico.

Just a few more shots from my time in Lo De Marcos, Mexico. I loved it there and I miss it, and I want to go back and then never come home. Must figure out how to make that happen.

This one is my personal favourite.


©Erika Traynor 2013

This is the main drag in Lo De Marco’s. I have been to a few other places in Mexico, but this is by far my favourite. The town, located approximately 40 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, is so quiet and peaceful, and the people that live there are super nice. It’s very small, it has a year round population of 2500 people, which rises to approximately 3000 to 3500 from November to April. There are several of RV parks and the ex-pat retiree’s love this place and tend to drive down in the late fall stay through the winter and then head back to the US or Canada in the early spring.

main street

©Erika Traynor 2013

This is just a shot I took in a neighbouring town called San Pancho or San Fransisco depending on who you ask. It was an abandoned restaurant/bar.


©Erika Traynor 2013

And what’s a trip to Mexico without a great sunset?

sunset 3

©Erika Traynor 2013

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A wedding in Lo De Marcos, Mexico

So I was given the opportunity to go to Mexico for a week and shoot a very close family friends wedding despite the fact that I told them I had ZERO experience photographing a wedding they trusted me to do it. I tend to be more partial to fine art and non-people photography at least I feel that’s what I excel at, photographing people is more of a challenge for me, mostly because I get quite shy and self-conscious about the whole thing. Not to mention the fact that I was working with some bare bones equipment, having to travel to Mexico for this meant I was not able to bring the majority of my equipment, so I had to shoot the entire thing with two lenses, I chose a 50mm and an 18-70mm. So needless to say I was not in my comfort zone, but the day went relatively smoothly albeit quickly and I think I got some pretty nice shots of their special day. Here are a few of my favourite shots;

©Erika Traynor 2013

©Erika Traynor 2013

©Erika Traynor 2013

©Erika Traynor 2013

©Erika Traynor 2013


©Erika Traynor 2013

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New Friend


I made a new friend today at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. We’re BFF’s now.

Ostrich at the Greater Vancouver Zoo

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No 50/50

Well I gave up pretty fast on that whole 50 pictures in 50 days thing. I got some good shots, but quickly realized that my schedule doesn’t really allow me to take great pictures every single day, so I’m on the hunt for a new slightly less time consuming project. In the mean time…. look at this cute face, this was one of the 50mm pictures I actually did take.


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So it’s probably obvious to anyone that pays attention to this blog that I have fallen off the wagon so to speak when it comes to my photography. I guess last year with planning the wedding and just being generally busy with an occasionally stressful life, I allowed it to fall to the side. So I’ve looked around for some inspiration, some things to kick-start my creativity and get me back into action doing what I love. So first I bought myself a SWEET camera bag from http://www.jototes.com. I was looking for something that looks more like a purse that I can carry with me everywhere instead of my ugly old black back pack style bag. I can now slip my camera into my purse and have it be protected, and I still look stylish. If you’d like to see the bag I bought its the Betsy bag in mustard on their website. I love, love, love it! I now have no excuse to leave my house without my camera. So now that I have the gear sorted out, I decided I needed to give myself a project to work on, and after googling and flickring for inspiration I decided on the 50/50 project. Several photographers and photography groups that I found on-line have done this in the past so I’m not being very original, but I really like the idea. You take your 50mm lens and you take 50 pictures in 50 days with it. My absolute favourite lens is my Minolta 50mm f1.7, which I purchased second-hand a few years ago so I think that this project is a great start for me.  I only started it yesterday, so at this point I don’t have anything to share on here with it, but I will this weekend! In the meantime here are a couple quick shots I took a week ago on a trip to Green Lake with some friends.


Empty bottles at my friends cabin.


The Alexandra Bridge near Hope.



Alexandra Bridge near Hope



Lazy Photographer

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A Day at the Vancouver Aquarium

The Husband has a project for school involving the Vancouver Aquarium, so we decided to go there on Saturday afternoon. I love aquariums, so many bright colours and neat things to see. Here’s a little collage I put together from yesterdays visit.

©Erika Traynor

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New Years Resolutions

So I know I haven’t posted in my blog since April, but I was a busy girl. Wedding planning is a time consuming process. Yeah yeah, I know I got married in June, but I needed some time to unwind and just chill out. But I’m back now,  and I made a New Years Resolution involving my photography and I’m almost already failing at it, because I was lucky enough to come down with a New Year Cold of Doom that has rendered me useless. But enough excuses, in honour of love and being married and all that mushy stuff this image is titled “The Best of Times”.

The Best of Times

© Erika Traynor

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